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Fortified church Merghindeal
Lake Bicaz, eastern Carpathians

Apuseni Mountains

Choosing Transylvania as a tourist destination is relatively new for most tourists although the country offers an enormous variety of landscapes, wildlife, historical and cultural highlights and folklore. A few dozen sites are on the World Heritage List. Especially tourists who prefer a holiday away from an overcrowded beach or resort will find in Transylvania what they are looking for. The rural part of the country hardly changed over the last 50 years and tradition, culture and folklore are still fully integrated and visible in daily life in the numerous villages in Transylvania, Bucovina and Maramures. 

The many fortified- or wooden churches, castles and fortresses, monasteries and wooden homesteads make that the country looks like an open air museum.
The nature in the mountains is practically unspoiled and several micro climates didn't even change since the last Ice Time. Transylvania has Europe's biggest density of large carnivores as  brown bear, wolf and lynx. There are numerous larger and smaller nature reserves and nature parks.


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Accommodation. All over the country new hotels are built and there is a fine choice for every budget. Numerous rural tourism associations offer guestrooms.  Romanian people are known for their hospitality and are eager to welcome tourists and to share for a while what they have with the visitors.


guestroom in Sancraiu

pension in Rachitele


Most of our trips take place in the "Apuseni Mountains". The name  might sound new or unknown to most tourists.  They are also called "The Western Carpathians" and are part of the Carpathian Mountains and offer a big variety of landscapes on a relative small surface. The greatest advantages are that they are easy accessible because of the thousands of kilometer of forestry roads. Forest alternates with open pastures and splendid panorama's appear after each ridge. The mountains are inhabited and there are villages up to 1200 meter. The people offer good accommodation in guestrooms or holiday houses. Hiking is relatively easy because there are huge plateau's and you don't have to go up and down several times a day. 

The Apuseni Mountains offer also great opportunities for sportive people. A big part of the region is limestone. There are numerous canyons, hundreds of caves and a splendid and unique fauna and flora. In summer 2004 a large part of the Apuseni Mountains was declared "natural Park".

Besides the Apuseni Mountains we offer trips in Maramures, Bukovina, the Southern Carpathians and the heartland of Transylvania.