working steam in Romania


Working steam in Romania still exist? Yes. Not on the main line, but at the narrow gauge forestry railways. In the North of the country is the county Maramures. The Habsburg built in the thirties a narrow gauge railway along the Vaser River to haul the logs down.

The line still exist today and is still partly run with steam locomotives besides all kind of other striking equipment.

Besides this line, at the Covasna exchange yard, there is still a Borsig 0-6-0 from 1909 working.

Besides that there are the museum lines with working steam locomotives: narrow gauge line in Tirgu Mures, the line Brad Crisior line. 

The line Sibiu - Agnita should be reopened next summer. The locomotive the 764.052, coming from the Turda depot was restored autumn 2003.

The Covasna upper line might reopen. Interesting is the inclined plan at this line at Siclau. Loaded railway wagons were going down, empties up by gravity.

The Moldavita line is temporary closed. 

Mainline steam.

It is difficult to organize a trip with a main line steam locomotive. The boiler from almost all the locomotives is expired and the CFR SAAF that now runs this segment is asking enormous prices for a trip. But things can change, we'll keep you updated.

Visits can be organized at several depots, yards or museums.

Trips can be organized with various equipment such as the Class 77 railcar, or double Ganz diesel railcar. 

all the above pictures are taken along the Viseu line
The Borsig loco at Covasna
Railway tourism is still relatively new in the country and in the past there were many obstacles. This is going easier now and if reservations are made well ahead we can offer you a fascinating trip with visit at the depots, main line and narrow gauge excursions.
a fascinating combination near Arad, summer 2003
Malaxa railcar at Arad roundhouse
railcars class 77 at Curtea de Arges

Private operators start to appear in Romania

here the class 219 from Railion (D)

the first Romanian main line diesel loco, a double unit: 2Do1 + 1Do2, preserved in Dej 
Class 82 diesel locomotive


Depending the group size and demands we'll give you a price offer. We have specialized people to guide groups or individuals


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