individual cycling trip between Sibiu and Sighisoara

dates can be chosen free between 1 May and 31 October

Sibiu was the cultural capital of Europe in 2007

townhall and tourism info next to Roman Catholic church in Sibiu 
Large square in Sibiu
ruins of the fortress in Slimnic (Stolzenburg)
Gura Raului
villages where it looks as time went by without changes
Mosna (Messchen)
gate tower in Medias
Biertan (Birthalm)
Castle in Cris
Clocktower in Sighisoara
the old town Sighisoara
Fagaras fortress and castle
the country side
Cisnadioara with monastery church on top of the hill
House in the village Museum Astra
farm at Astra Museum
floating watermill at Astra Museum

The cycling trip is made for all ages. Daily you cycle to a different destination. Distances are between the 30 and 70km so that there is plenty of time left to visit the many interesting places along your trip. Because luggage transport would make your trip very expensive, we provided special bags on the bicycle.    



You stay mainly in guestrooms, twice in a hotel room***. In remote villages where there aren't restaurants we included full board. Where you have the possibility to go out dining in decent restaurants, we provided bed and breakfast.   



You’ll visit the very authentic Saxon villages and historical towns Sibiu and Sighisoara with a surprising rich cultural heritage. Several of the sites you cycle along are on the Unesco World Heritage List. There is so much to see and to visit during the trip that you will have to make selections or stay extra nights if you want to see it all. 



The trip offers diversity, there aren't only cultural sites, there are also several small nature reserves. Further the nature in the region is hardly touched by chemicals so that also nature lovers will enjoy the rich pastoral landscapes.   



We prepared a large brochure for this trip with extensive information about the cultural and historical sites.  



You cycle on asphalted roads and we avoided as much as possible the busy E roads.




The region

Siebenburgen is the name the Saxon settlers gave to the region between Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu. They came in the region in the early Middle Ages. The first colonists should have been Flemish, Walloon, French and Dutch farmers. They most likely remained behind during or after the first crusade in the 11th century. The  Saxons came later and were the biggest group, absorbing the others. They constructed and organized the country. This is clearly visible in the beautiful medieval towns Sibiu and Sighisoara. These old medieval towns were impressive fortified bastions against Ottoman and Tartar invasions. Even the small villages had their fortified churches. All this can still be seen today.



You can watch a movie from the region at the following link:


film Sibiu - Sighisoara




We have also a page with more info about Sibiu at:

Click here





Highlights of the program:


History, culture: 


Medieval towns:

Sighisoara - Schassburg: 

The town is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Most of the fortification towers and wall still stand, there is the superb clock-tower, the students stairs, the church on the hill and the birth house of Vlad Dracula.

Sibiu - Hermannstadt

was once the best protected medieval town with up to 7 defense walls. There is the famous Brukenthal museum and Sibiu was the Cultural capital of Europe in 2007 together with the town Luxemburg



Castles - fortresses:

Slimnic - Stolzenburg Fortress

Fagaras fortress

Cris and Avrig Castle



Fortified churches:

Most remarkable in Transylvania are the huge fortified churches. The local people built these fortifications around the church, rather then a separate castle or fortress. 

You'll cycle along the fortified churches of Sura Mica, Rusi, Seica Mare, Agarbicin, Axente Severn, Mosna, Nemsa, Richis, Biertan, Copsa Mare, Valchid, Saes, Apold, Bradeni, Soars, Rodbav, Cincu, Toarcla, Bruiu, Cisnadie, Cisnadioara.



You come along the ruins of Europe's most eastern Cistercians monastery in Cirta and you can visit the orthodox monastery in Arpasu de Sus. 



Folk art:

- Open air village museum Astra. the largest in Romania and built around 3 lakes in the Dumbrava forest. There are all kind of manifestations and spectacles during the summer.

- there are several small ethnographic museums along the road and an icon museum in Sibiel. 




- Small reserves in Sadu, Slimnic, Turnu Rosu. You stay at the base of the Fagaras Mountains in Arpasu de Sus and you cycling along the base of the Cindrel and Paring mountains. 











Day 1

Arrival, introduction and acquaintance in Gura Raului. Accommodation: guestrooms in the village. You receive your bikes.

If you travel by train, the nearest train station is Orlat from where you will be picked up.




Day 2 
Cycling trip to Ocna Sibiului. You leave Gura Raului to the north and cycle along country roads to the village Cristian, further over Sura Mica, to Ocna Sibiului, a small health resort with salt water lakes where you stay for the night. 

It's an easy trip the first day, only along asphalted roads. The main attractions are the fortified churches from the above mentioned villages, the salt water lakes.  

Total distance: 25km, 50m climbing Accommodation in guestrooms in Ocna Sibiului.




Day 3

Trip along the villages Slimnic (with ruins from the once impressive Stolzenburg), the fortified churches of Rusi, Seica Mare, Axente Sever, Copsa Mica to Medias. the town Medias has a very picturesque medieval town center with several defense towers and the Gothic Saint Margareta church. Accommodation hotel rooms in Medias. Distance: 52km, 100m climbing.




Day 4

Trip over Mosna and Richis to Biertan. Trip along country roads and you'll enjoy the pastoral landscapes and fortified churches of Mosna and Richis. You stay in guestrooms in Biertan. Biertan was the bishops- seat during the middle ages and has an enormous fortified church with several ring-walls. Distance: 27km, climbing about 290m.




Day 5

Cycling trip to Sighisoara over the villages Copsa Mare Grosskopisch, Valchid Waldhutten to Danes. From Danes you can make a short detour to the beautiful renaissance castle in Cris (in restoration) or visit the famous church of Malancrav, one of the only Saxon churhces completely painted with frescoes and a Unesco heritage monument.. You arrive early in Sighisoara so there is enough time left to visit the superbly preserved medieval town. Sighisoara is recognized as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. The old fortified town lies on a small hill, dominating the lower town. You stay overnight in the historic medieval town in hotel rooms. Cycling:  30 km, 180m climbing, extra trip to Cris about 20km on a gravel road. Extra trip to Malancrav 26km.




Day 6
Cycling trip to Soars

Again a splendid trip along country roads passing the Saxon villages Saes Schaas, Apold Trappold, Bradeni Henndorf, Soars Scharosch, all of them with fortified churches.

Total distance: 46km, 380m climbing.




Day 7
Cycling trip to Ohaba.

You cycle to Rodbav with fortified church, and further to the town Fagaras with its impressive castle (now museum). It goes further over Ileni to Harseni. You stay overnight in the village Ohaba. Distance 40km, climbing 210m




Day 8

Cycling trip to Arpasu de Sus. 

You cycle along the base of the Fagaras mountain ridge over Bucium, Recea, Lisa (watermill) Sambata de Sus with impressive Brancovensc monastery from 1696, (there are several events and festivals around 15 august in the region) 

It goes further over Dragus (etnographic museum) and festival around 15 august to Vistea de Sus. You cross the industrial town Victoria and go further to Arpasu de Jos where you stay overnight. There is in the Orthodox monastery from Arpasu an icon school.  

Distance: 52km, climbing 200m.  




Day 9
Cycling trip to Talmacel A trip that starts with the ruins from the Cistercian monastery in Cirta - Kerz. Then it goes to Avrig where Samuel Brukenthal the former governor from Transylvania built him a castle. It goes further over Romanian settlements and villages to Talmaciu, the gate of the Olt valley, the most important passage through the Carpathian Mountains. You stay overnight in Talmacel.

Distance: 42km, 195m climbing. Extra trip to Cirta to visit the Cistercian monastery 8km. 




Day 10

Trip to  Cisnadioara. The trip goes Sadu with a small nature reserve to Cisnadie - Heltau, an old medieval town and important textile center. You stay overnight in Cisnadioara - Michaelsberg in guestrooms. Cisnadioara has a Romanesque medieval monastery church high above the village on a hill. Total distance: 22km, climbing 250m, asphalted roads




Day 11
Trip to Gura Raului. A short trip to allow you to visit the largest open air museum in the country: Astra museum. he museum is built around 3 lakes in the Dumbrava Forest and exposes houses, churches, water- and windmills from all over Romania.  After the visit it goes over the Romanian village Poplaca to Gura Raului where you sleep again in guestrooms at the base of the Cindrel Mountains. Total distance: 25km, climbing 270m, gravel road 7km. 




Day 12
Visit Sibiu. The owner will bring you to the train station (or you go by bike) in Orlat. (5km from Gura Raului) The train takes you in less then 30 minutes in the heart of the medieval town. There are several trains, at convenient hours. 




Day 13
Breakfast, end of program. (On demand you can be brought back to Orlat train station.)







You can rent one of our bicycles for the trip. 

We have hybrid- bikes with luggage bags. Price 50 Euro for the trip.

Bags 10 Euro


map of the trip





575 Euro pro person for 12 nights. 

Accommodation: double rooms.

2 x hotel room bed and breakfast,  10 x guestroom full board.


Single traveler: 60 Euro supplement



Gura Raului: 3 x guestroom full board

Slimnic: guestroom full board

Medias: hotelroom***, B&B

Biertan: guestroom full board

Sighisoara: 1 x hotel room*** B&B

Soars: guestroom full board

Ohaba: guestroom: full board

Arpasu de Sus: guestroom full board

Talmacel: guestroom in full board

Cisnadioara: guestroom full board



Your budget


dinner 8-12 Euro (soup, main dish, dessert)

Bottle of wine: 8-10 Euro, a Beer (0,5 lit): 1-2 Euro

Coffee - tea: 1 Euro


Lunch: pizza or soup 2-4 Euro



Bread: 0,5 Euro (850gr), cheese, meat about 80% of the price as in West Europe.


How to get in Sibiu: (we'll arrange transfer Sibiu - Gura Raului and back)


By plane: Direct flights to Sibiu:    

                   Blue Air from Stuttgart, London Stansted, Madrid

                   Austrian Airlines (Tarom) from Vienna

                   Lufthansa  (Tarom) from Munchen

                   Carpatair (via Timisoara) from several Italian and Spanish airports


                    to Cluj Napoca (wizz Air, Blue air and by train to Sibiu)

                    to Bucharest and by train to Sibiu.


By train: Bucharest - Sibiu: Dep 09.42 Arr 15.30 or 15.30 Arr 20.57

                 Sibiu - Bucharest: Dep 06.18 Arr 12.15 or 14.37 Arr 20.45 


                 Cluj Napoca - Sibiu: Dep 10.10 Arr 14.14 or Dep 15.55 - Arr 20.48,  

                 Sibiu - Cluj Napoca: Dep 12.26 Arr 16.15 or Dep 15.56 Arr 21.16


By car: Highway Budapest - Szeged - Arad - Sibiu or Budapest - Oradea - Sibiu