horse and wagon trip  

Dates can be chosen free between 1 May and 31 October

hills around Stana

Kalotaszeg homeland, village Valeni, all trails

The village Rusesti seen from the winding dirt road  you take after you left Risca on the forest trail and mountain trail 

church in Manastireni

Fintinele lake 

summer village between Marisel and Poiana Horea, mountain trail

The trips are especially made for those tourists who want to enjoy the splendid nature and lovely villages of the Apuseni Mountains in a very relaxing and original way. Especially families with small children will enjoy this trip. Horse and wagon enables you to see more each day, without you have to take care about luggage, distances or even the weather. 
Virtually everybody with a bit of knowledge about animals can drive the wagon by himself. Just be aware that a horse (just as a dog) will test you in the beginning when his master isnít around anymore. The roads are very well chosen so you donít drive along busy roads. Practically all the time youíre on secondary or gravel roads. The first day, you go together with an experienced driver who will teach you how to handle the horse, how to deal with the harness and how to take care about the horse. During the first part of your trip, the farmer of the place where you stay will also assist upon arrival and by departure. 

In case you would like to enjoy the trip but are not so sure about your abilities to handle the horse and wagon we can give you a driver with for one or more days. That will be somebody from the region that only deals with the horse and wagon. You still will have your privacy with family or friends. 

Accommodation is provided at local farms in guestrooms. All houses have bathrooms. The guestrooms in Stana, Risca, Sancraiu and Rachitele have private bathrooms. Every night you will enjoy a typical warm meal. Youíll also have breakfast and a lunch-packet for noon. 

The wagon is covered.  The horse can pull under normal conditions 4 adults or 2 adults and max. 4 children. Once in a while, when the road really climbs 7 to 10 % it is recommended that all but one adult walk that part by foot.  Upon arrival we provide you with a detailed itinerary and a map.



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There are 2 different programs: 

a 6-day program, and a 11 day program




6 day program: the Kalotaszeg trail.    


5 nights, 4 days riding. The trail goes through the hills of the ethnic Hungarian homeland "Kalotaszeg". trails over country roads, wagon tracks and open grassland.



Day 1: arrival and introduction in Stana. 



Day 2: Instructions and trip under guidance in the surrounding hills of Stana. Distance 12km, 4-5 hours driving.



Day 3: Trip along country roads and wagon tracks to the ethnic Hungarian village Sancraiu. Distance 14km, 4-5 hours driving.



Day 4: Trip to Risca. Trip along wagon-trails, country roads and open pasture. You cross the village Valeni where you can visit the beautiful fortified Romanesque church. It goes further over a large plateau to the settlement Fonogea. From there you descend to the village Risca, a Romanian village at 1000m altitude. Distance 16km. 5 hours driving



Day 5: trip back to Stana. You leave Risca and ride along the village Cristesti to Manastireni. From here it goes over Bica, Horlacea and Saula back to Stana. A trip along trails, country roads and over open meadows. Distance 18 km.(5-6 hours driving)



Day 6: trip ends after breakfast.









11 day program: the mountain trail


10 nights, 9 days riding. The trail goes through the homeland of the ethnic Hungarians and further through the mountains to the borders of the nature park Padis. You go completely around Lake Fintinele.



Day 1: arrival and introduction in Stana. 



Day 2: Instructions and trip under guidance in the lovely country side around Stana. Distance 12km, 4-5 hours driving.



Day 3: trip to Risca. Trip along wagon-trails, open pasture and country roads. You can make a stop to visit the lovely wooden Orthodox church in Bica. You cross the village Manastireni, an ethnic Hungarian village with a beautiful fortified Romanesque church.  You climb to Risca a Romanian village in the mountains at 100m altitude. Distance 18km. 5-6 hours driving



Day 4: Trip to Rusesti. You leave the village Risca to Dealu Mare and Lapustesti (church has a nice painted interior) from where you descend a 7 km long winding road to the village Rusesti where you stay in guestrooms. In Rusesti you find a working watermill and "piua" (that something you'll have to see for yourself). Distance 18 km. 5-6 hours driving



Day 5:  Trip to Marisel. From Rusesti you have to climb to one of the highest settlements of the Apuseni Mountains, the village Marisel at 1200m. Youíll have beautiful panoramas. You will have to give the horse some rest from time to time because you climb almost steady for 8km. There is an altitude difference of 600m between the 2 villages. You sleep in the village Marisel in guestrooms at a local farm. Distance 14 km. 5-6 hours driving



Day 6:  From Marisel you follow the ridge to the village Poiana Horea. Just by leaving the village you arrive at the battleground from the anti Hungarian revolution of 1848 and youíll see the cross of Avram Iancu, placed there as a monument for the local hero of that revolution. It is a nice trip through the forest and along small rivers. You won't see a house for 10km. You stay in the village Poiana Horea, in guestrooms for the night. Distance 25 km. 6-7 hours driving 



Day 7:  Trip to Doda Pilii. You leave the village Poiana Horea and follow the river upstream. It goes over the ridge and through the forest to the lake Fintinele near the village Smida. From there you go to Doda Pilii where you sleep in guestrooms. Distance 18 km. 4-5 hours driving.



Day 8: From the village Doda Pilii you go up the mountain to the village Dealu Botii. It is a nice trip over open pasture and through the forest with nice panoramas over the Lake Fintinele. From there it goes to the village Scrind where you stay for the night in guestrooms in pension Dariana. Distance 20 km. 5-6 hours driving



Day 9: Trip to Sancraiu. It goes over the Ruginoasa mountain, with very rewarding views over the Calata Valley during the descent to Margau. From Margau it goes to Bociu and further to Sancraiu. The last part of the trip goes through a strange eroded landscape. Distance 20 km. 6-7 hours driving 



Day 10: Trip from the village Sancraiu over Domos, Horlacea, Saula back to Stana. Again a trip through the Kalotaszeg region, along small villages with fortified churches,  over open pastures and scattered forest. Distance 17km. 4-5 hours driving



Day 11: Trip ends after breakfast






blue trail = Kalotaszeg trail

red trail = mountain trail

Price  trips: 


6 day program: the Kalotaszeg trail. (5 nights, 4 days riding) You drive a team of 2 horses.


Adults: 595 Euro per person (minimum 2 persons), 3rd and 4th person 275 Euro 
< 12: 125 Euro, Children below 3: free

Price includes: Accommodation in full board and horse and wagon, instructions and guidance day 1,2.


Single traveler: a supplement has to be paid for single room occupancy, horses and equipment.


11 day program: the mountain trail (10 nights, 9 days riding.) You drive a team of 2 horses.


Adults: 925 Euro per person (minimum 2 persons), 3rd and 4th person 475 Euro 
< 12: 195 Euro, Children below 3: free

Price includes: Accommodation in full board and horse and wagon, instructions and guidance day 1,2.


Single traveler: a supplement has to be paid for single room occupancy, horses and equipment.


Extra days: for all programs you can take an extra days of rest: price 95 Euro pro person, (first 2 persons include the horses), 3rd and more: 35 Euro/ night. Children <12: 15 Euro. Children below 3: free


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Lufthansa operates a direct flight between Munchen and Cluj Napoca.

We arrange further transport between Cluj Napoca and Stana.


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We arrange further transport between Huedin and Stana.


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