cycling through medieval Transylvania


on demand for groups of 6 or more persons

Gura Raului
2 pictures from Astra museum
Sibiu, main square and council tower
Sibiu, main square
Sibiu, city fortifications

Slimnic, ruins Stolzenburg fortress

Near Mosna

Between Medias and Sighisoara

Biertan (Bierthalm)

Cris castle


Clocktower in Sighisoara

the old town Sighisoara

Rupea fortress

The cycling trip is made for all ages. You cycle in the heart of Transylvania, the region colonized by Saxon and other West European colonists. It is not the idea to cycle long distances, but to enjoy in another way the nature and historical sights of Transylvania.  The daily distances are between 40 and 70km. As there is not much climbing involved, the trip can be done by everybody with a normal physical condition. 


You’ll visit splendid nature reserves, authentic villages and historical towns.  We’ll bring you in contact with the local population, their habits and folklore. 


The trip offers diversity, you’ll have the possibility to make some short hiking trips, you can visit historical and cultural sites.  


Accommodation is provided in hotel rooms or guestrooms. Each evening you’ll enjoy a typical local dinner. Mornings you’ll have a continental breakfast, with lots of artisan products, homegrown vegetables. Food will be provided to prepare your lunch packet. 


A specialized guide stays with you, assist you with technical problems  and will give you all tourist information about the area, brings you in contact with the local people.




Highlights of the program:




The centre of Transylvania is a hilly region where forest interchanges with green meadows and agriculture land. Industrial farming is almost unheard of and much is still done by hand and with horses. You find several small nature reserves in the region. There are salt water healing lakes.




You cycle in the heart of Saxon Land, colonized by the early crusaders, Teutonic knights and Saxons.


Medieval towns: 


Sighisoara: The town is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Most of the fortification towers and wall still stand, there is the superb clock-tower, the students stairs, the church on the hill and the birth house of Vlad Dracula.

Sibiuwas once the best protected medieval town with up to 7 defense walls. There is the famous Brukenthal museum and Sibiu is the Cultural capital of Europe in 2007

Medias: little town between Sibiu and Sighisoara with beautiful medieval center.




Rupea fortress: Built by the Teutonic knights 

Slimic: Stolzenburg: ther uins still show that this was once a very impressive fortress.

Cris castle a unique rennaisance castle, for the moment being restored.

Fagaras castle: beautiful restored castle  with museum.



Fortified churches:


Most remarkable in Transylvania are the huge fortified churches. The local people built these fortifications around the church, rather than a separate castle or fortress. You'll cycle along the churches of Mosna (Messchen), Biertan (Bierthalm), Aplod, Viscri, Cincu, Bruia, Cisnadie and many others.


Culture and Folk art:


- Open air village museum Astra. The largest in Romania and built around 3 lakes in the Dumbrava forest. There are all kind of manifestations and spectacles during the summer.

- Brukenthal museum in Sibiu, with important paintings from Flemish, Dutch, German and Italian painters

There are museums in Medias, Sighisoara en several villages have a small ethnographic or local museum. (such as icon museum in Sibiel)









Day 1
Arrival, introduction and acquaintance in Gura Raului. Gura Raului is a small Romanian village near Sibiu. Can be reached by train Sibiu - Orlat.  Accommodation: guestrooms in Gura Raului.



Day 2 
Roundtrip from Gura Raului. trip through the ethnographic interesting region named  "Marginimii Sibiului". You cycle over the villages Sibiel (visit icon museum), the villages Vale, Saliste (village with wood-sculpturers and pottery and on festive days the elderly still wear their folk costumes. Further over the villages Mag and Sacel back to Gura Raului. Distance: 40 km.



Day 3       

Trip through thgeover the village  Poplaca to Sibiu with visit of the open air museum Astra. The museum is built around 3 lakes in the Dumbrava Forest and exposes houses, churches, water- and windmills from all over Romania. After that you cycle to town and visit the medieval town center. Sibiu was cultural capital of Europe in 2007. It goes further over Seica Mica (fortified church)  Ocna Sibiului (salt water lakes) to Slimnic (with visit of the ruins of the once impressive Stolzenburg.) There is an interesting historical church and a small " steppe" nature reservation.

Accommodation in a small pension in Ocna Sibiului. Distance 40 km.



Day 4

Trip through the villages Buia, Mihaileni, Ighisu Vechi, Zlaga, Richis (with fortified church) to Biertan. Easy trip through the opastoral country side of Transylvania. Biertan was in the middle ages the seat of the diocese and therefore the church was extremely well fortified.   Accommodation in guestrooms in Biertan. Distance 69 km


Day 5
Roundtrip to the medieval town Medias. You'll visit a few wonderful fortified churches along the road. Trip goes over the villages
Saros,  Dumbraveni, Alma, Darlos to Medias  and back via Mosna to Biertan.  Accommodation again in guestrooms in Biertan. Distance 50 km 



Day 6

Trip to the best preserved medieval town in Transylvania: Sighisoara Trip over the villages Copsa Mare (fortifies church) and Danes (with visit of a renaissance castle) Sighisoara is recognized as one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. The old fortified town lies on a small hill, dominating the lower town. Accommodation in hotel-rooms in the medieval fortified town. Visit of the town. Distance 48 km.


Day 7
Trip through the villages Apold, Bradeni, Soars Jibert, Dacia to Viscri. Viscri is one of the most picturesque villages in Transylvania. Even Prince Charles of England bought himself a house in the village. (although chances are slim you will meet him) Distance 72 km. 



Day 8
Trip to the village Rupea (with visit to the ruins of a Teutonic fortress) Ungra, Crihalma, Halmeag, Sercaia to Fagaras. The town and county Fagaras was a Romanian enclave in Transylvania. There is a beautiful renaissance castle. Distance 62 km.


                                                                                                                Day 9

Trip over the villages Rodbav, Cincu, Bruiu, (all with (fortified churches) Somartin to Cirta (In Cirta you visit the ruins of a Cistercian monastery) and further to  Arpasu de Sus at the feet of the impressive Fagaras mountain chain. Accommodation at the trout farm Albota. Distance 54 km.  



Day 10
Trip back to Gura Raului over the villages Cartisoara, Porumbacu, Avrig,  Talmaciu to Cisnadie (little town with beautiful fortified church) Accommodation back in Gura Raului. Distance 68 km.



Day 11
Breakfast and end of trip






You can rent one of our bicycles for the trip. We have touring bikes and mountain-bikes with full suspension.


How to get in Sibiu: (we'll arrange transfer Sibiu - Gura Raului and back)


By plane: Direct flights to Sibiu:    

Blue Air from Stuttgart, London Stansted, Madrid

Austrian Airlines (Tarom) from Vienna

Lufthansa  (Tarom) from Munchen

Carpatair (via Timisoara) from several Italian and Spanish airports


to Cluj Napoca (Wizz Air, Blue air and by train to Sibiu)


to Bucharest and by train to Sibiu.


By train: 

Bucharest - Sibiu: 

Dep 09.42 Arr 15.30 or 15.30 Arr 20.57

Sibiu - Bucharest: 

Dep 06.18 Arr 12.15 or 14.37 Arr 20.45 


Cluj Napoca - Sibiu: 

Dep 10.10 Arr 14.14 or Dep 15.55 - Arr 20.48,  

Sibiu - Cluj Napoca: 

Dep 12.26 Arr 16.15 or Dep 15.56 Arr 21.16


By car: Highway Budapest - Szeged - Arad - Gura Raului or Budapest - Oradea - Gura Raului




Fagaras Castle





Price: 11 day program (10 nights): 


645 Euro pro person 

(Minimum 6, maximum 15 persons.) Price includes: accommodation in full board, guiding, luggage transport.

Bicycles can be rented  at the price of 75 Euro/10 days