holiday house in the Apuseni Mountains  
Code A.SA-03   capacity: 4 persons
Price: 224 Euro pro week 

Holiday house in Sancraiu, 7 km from Huedin, 60 km from Cluj. 
Very nice new house with small yard. The house is built behind the house of the owner.

Bicycles can be rented in the village.

2 bedrooms, bathroom warm water, WC inside. 
kitchen and large terrace 

Central heating. 


Private parking

Farm products can be bought in the village and meals can be ordered.

warranty:50 Euro. 

Important special conditions; no dogs in the house
rent period; no limits


Hiking (marked hiking trails), Cycling (marked trails), Mountain biking (marked trails), fishing. Horse back riding at 15km. Kayaking at 30 km 


the village Sancraiu

typical houses

renting bicycles

buffalo span in Sancraiu


Tourist information:


Short Distance:

Hiking, lake Fintinele, Gorges of Somesul Cald between Lake Tarnita and Lake Fintinele, lake Tarnita, Vladeasa Mountain, Lake Floroiu, Lake Lesu.

Long Distance:

Glacier cave of Scarisoara, Padis (karstic landscape with caves and weird nature), Bear cave at Pietroasa (Chiscau) Geo-botanical reserve of Scarita Belioara, Posaga Monastery, Runc Gorges, Turda & Tureni Gorges, Aries River for Kayak, Trascau Mountains and Remetea, Rimet Gorges and Monastery, Cave Huda lui Papara and Monastery


Sancraiu is an ethnic Hungarian village with folk festivals every year. Interesting church. Sancraiu is a village from the Kalotaszeg region where Hungarian traditions are even better preserved than in Hungary.

Cluj-Napoca, Alba Iulia, Monasteries of Posaga, Rimet, Lupsa and Salciua, ethnographic area of the Runc Gorges, ethnographic museum of Rimetea, Lupsa and Rosia Montana. Wooden churches of the Izvorul Crisului area, Somesul Rece, the villages from Huedin to Zalau. Hungarian folklore in Izvorul Crisului area and the Moti culture of the Aries Valley, Bologa fortress and Roman ruins. Summer villages in the mountains.