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Trips on your own - self guided trips       See special info page: click here

self-guided hiking trip from Brasov to Bran

self-guided hiking trip in the Gilau- Vladeasa Mountains

self-guided hiking trip in Maramures

self-guided hiking trip between the Saxon villages

self-guided hiking trip in Bukovina 

self-guided cycling trip in Transylvania

self-guided hiking trip with donkey in the Apuseni mountains

self-guided horse riding trip in the Apuseni mountains

self-guided horse and wagon trip in the Apuseni mountains

self-guided back-packing trip in the Vladeasa and Bihor Mountains

self-guided back packing trip in the Southern Carpathians

self-guided back packing trip in Maramures


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Trips with guide

cycling trip in Transylvania

hiking trip in nature reserves of the Western Carpathians

hiking in the Southern Carpathians

horse riding trip

trip with off-road vehicles

trip with ATV in Transylvania

caving trip



Customized trips

working steam locomotives in Romania

photo safari

customs in the Apuseni Mountains

customs in Maramures



winter hiking
  in the Apuseni Mountains

Each hiking trip has its difficulty level indicated (on the description of the trip). We don't promote on the website extremely difficult trips. All trips are made for a public with normal physical condition.  The indications are for the harder days, that doesn't mean that each day has a long hike or you climb or descend an x number meter.

People that want tough hikes should contact us for a customized trip.


easy trip with very short or very easy hikes.

hikes about 3-4 hours, not much climbing or descending involved


medium trip, where most hikes are about 5-6 hours. Some climbing and descending, level differences in medium 300-700m. 


harder trip, not extreme. Trip will have long hikes, moderate climbing or descending, with a maximum of about 1000m.